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Not even Mike Ditka can find a reason to have confidence in the Bears

It’s tough for even the most ardent Bears fan to have confidence in this year’s team. Already 0-2 with injuries piling up, things could get ugly quick for this team.

Things have gotten so bad that even the most vocal and well-known Bears supporter is jumping ship. Mike Ditka has lost confidence in the team.

He’s not wrong, the Bears are looking like one of the worst teams in the NFL and could finish with a top five pick in the draft.

However, the Bears looking bad or being expected to lose has never stopped Ditka before. Typically, on the ESPN pregame show, he picks the Bears in just about any situation. He was the only analyst to pick Chicago during their opening week game against the Packers.

As the Bears get ready to play Seattle on the road, there is little reason to believe they will leave with a win. For Chicago, the injuries are piling up just as the Seahawks defense gets better with the return of Kam Chancellor.

Da Coach was able to put it best, the Seahawks are happily awaiting the Bears.