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Jets receiver Brandon Marshall swears off laterals

Even though he was three of three on lateral attempts going into Sunday, New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall said he’s done with attempting the risky play.

After calling the play, “probably the worst play in the history of the NFL,” Marshall said that there weren’t many positives to trying to pull off such a maneuver.


“I was 3-0 coming into the game,” he said. “Now I think the record for the rest of my career will be 3-1, because I’m never going to try that again.”

“The only positive about that play was the sideline was so close,” he said. “When you make a play like that and it’s on the other side, that walk back to your sideline is like the worst ever. Good thing it was right by our sideline. I was able to take a few steps and I was right there.”

Marshall would later apologize to the many fans he disappointed with a costly play in a game the team would eventually lose.