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Bears in familiar position on Week 4 power rankings

The Bears traveled into a hostile environment at Seattle Sunday without many of their weapons — a slaughter ensued.

The Bears (0-3) secondary units gave it their all but the offense couldn’t move the ball against an emotional Seahawks team that relished the return of Pro Bowl safety Kam Chancellor.

Chicago’s defense was quite formidable, as it allowed just one passing touchdown and not a single rushing score. However, Seattle backup rusher Thomas Rawls ran for 104 yards on 16 carries.

Seattle dominated the contest on the other two sides of the ball and raced to a 26-0 victory.

This wasn’t the game that won the hearts of the media.

ESPN listed Chicago’s football team the last in it’s power rankings, for the second consecutive week.

As the list’s writer notes, two stats reinforce many’s belief in the Bears’ lowly ranking:

The Bears have scored the second-fewest points in the league (46).

Chicago has allowed the most points in the NFL (105).

The Bears have to take on an upstart Oakland Raiders squad Sunday at home.