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Bears predictions: Week 12 vs. Giants

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ game Sunday against the Giants.

Chicago Bears v New York Giants
The Giants’ Alec Ogletree celebrates a recovered fumble against the Bears last year.
Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ game Sunday against the Giants:


Bears 14-10

It always seems to be something with these Bears. The current something is Mitch Trubisky’s hip. Next week, it will be something else. The lowly Giants offer some shelter from the storm, which is nice of them though not particularly meaningful. Season: 6-4.


Bears 16-14

We now ask, What teams are our bottom-feeding Bears even capable of beating? Ah-ha! The Giants appear. Not a lock, though. Even the Bengals aren’t that. A game against Ohio State might be a toss up. But the Mitch Watch is compelling. As is Field Goal Funnies. Season: 6-4.


Bears 24-13

The Giants have lost six-straight games and are allowing 32 points per game during that stretch. No wonder the Bears so desperately want Trubisky to play. Season: 6-4.


Bears 23-13

Trubisky is a bit of an X-factor coming off the hip pointer. The Bears have been reasonably effective offensively against bad defenses — 24 points vs. the Redskins; 20 vs. the Lions — and the Giants are in that class. And the Bears’ defense is a scoring threat here. Season: 6-4.


Bears 16-13

Brace yourself for another thrilling afternoon of punts intermittently interrupted by brief flashes of offense. The Bears are bad, but the Giants are abysmal. They have no chance to get going offensively against the Bears, but rookie quarterback Daniel Jones will make you jealous. No one expects much scoring from the Bears, but they’ll do just enough thanks to a bounce-back performance by Eddy Pineiro. Season: 5-5.