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Bears predictions: Week 5 vs. Buccaneers

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ game Thursday night against the Buccaneers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Chicago Bears
Bears outside linebacker Khalil Mack rushes the passer against the Buccaneers two years ago.
Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for the Bears’ game Thursday night against the Buccaneers:


Buccaneers, 27-20

Uh-oh. After looking mediocre the first two weeks of the season, Tom Brady has thrown a combined eight touchdown passes the last two weeks, including five in a victory over the Chargers on Sunday. And Nick Foles is supposed to keep up with that? I don’t think so. Season: 3-1.


Buccaneers, 24-19

Foles vs. Brady — two Super Bowl champions going at each other! Does it matter that Foles has a single title win and Brady has, hmm, six? Or that Foles has 26 career regular-season wins and Brady has 222? Yeah, probably. Season: 2-2.


Bears, 24-23

The Colts are better than the banged-up Buccaneers, who are more famous than they are dominant. If the Bears can find a way to run — and defend the run — the Team of the (19)30s can steal one against the Team in Their 30s. Or, in Brady’s case, 40s. Season: 3-1.


Buccaneers, 27-20

If the Bears thought the Colts were tough last week, just wait for Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Ndamukong Suh and Jason Pierre-Paul to roll in with the Buccaneers. This team looks to score in the 30s, while the Bears just hope to reach 20. Season: 2-2.


Buccaneers, 27-21

Foles should be better in his second start than he was Sunday against the Colts, but the Buccaneers’ offense is making greater strides under Brady and Bruce Arians. Season: 2-2.