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Bears coach Matt Nagy addresses Mario Edwards’ assault charge, virus violations

Nagy said Edwards’ violation of NFL and team coronavirus rules “was dealt with internally.” He wouldn’t say how.

Bears defensive end Mario Edwards had two sacks Sunday.
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While the Bears await the outcome of Mario Edwards’ legal situation — the defensive end was charged with misdemeanor assault of a female in mid-October, it was learned Tuesday — the team says it already dealt with his violation of coronavirus protocols.

Edwards is accused of assault after an incident that happened between the defensive end and a female acquaintance in his hotel room, and then in a hallway, on Oct. 17, the night before the Bears played the Carolina Panthers in Charlotte, N.C.

Police responded to the Hilton Charlotte Uptown just after midnight because of reports of a woman hitting Edwards with her hand and scratching his face, according to documents obtained by the Sun-Times. The report characterized both Edwards and the woman as victims, saying both had minor scratches and bruises.

A TMZ report cited court documents in which the accuser, who was in Edwards’ hotel room with him, claimed he hit her eye with his hand, dragged from the hotel room and later struck her in the arm. Edwards’ agent, Peter Schaffer, told the Sun-Times there was a verbal argument in the hotel room but said he was “proud” of Edwards for trying to de-escalate matters.

On Oct. 20, Edwards received a summons. A court date has not been set.

“Clearly, we take these matters very seriously,” Bears coach Matt Nagy said Wednesday. “The authorities were involved that evening and we were immediately aware. We’ve been in lock-step with the NFL on this the entire way.”

Nagy wouldn’t elaborate further, citing a pending legal situation.

The NFL forbids players from interacting with anyone outside their team’s traveling party when on the road in 2020. The NFL, which is investigating the matter, has the authority to fine Edwards for violating coronavirus rules. Nagy said Edwards’ violation of NFL and team coronavirus rules “was dealt with internally.” He wouldn’t say how.

The Bears were tested for the coronavirus the morning of the Panthers game — it was, in fact, the first week that NFL teams were required to test on game days.

Edwards recorded a sack in the win against the Panthers. He practiced Wednesday and figures to continue playing in games this season.