Bears predictions: Week 13 vs. Cardinals

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals.

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Chicago Bears v Arizona Cardinals

Matt Nagy looks on as the Bears play the Cardinals in 2018.

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The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for Sunday’s game against the Cardinals:

Rick Morrissey

Cardinals, 27-17

The Cardinals have yet to lose as the visiting team this season, and it’s hard to see them dropping their first road game to a below-average team like the Bears. The score is predicated on Kyler Murray returning from an ankle injury, but given the opportunity, the Bears could lose to backup Colt McCoy. The “Fire Nagy!” crowd won’t care which quarterback delivers the coach’s head. Season: 9-2.

Rick Telander

Cardinals, 31-17

The Bears could go 10-7 this year. Or they could go 4-13. I’m not a betting man, but I’d take the under on this one, gang. How can they win against the league-leading Cardinals? Got a reason? No? Me, neither. Season: 8-3.

Patrick Finley

Cardinals, 23-14

The Bears’ best defense against Murray and his sprained left ankle is a rainstorm and the ensuing sloppy surface at Soldier Field. If that happens — and it might — they’ve got a shot. But it’s never good when you look to the skies for help. Season: 9-2. 

Jason Lieser

Cardinals, 26-19

If the Bears needed a last-second field goal to beat the worst team in the NFL last week, how do you think they’ll do against the league-best Cardinals? Even if they bring their A-game, they’re not winning this one. Season: 9-2.

Mark Potash

Cardinals, 27-17

The Bears are not out of the playoff picture yet and will be motivated to mute the “Fire Nagy!” chants at home. The Cardinals are good but not flop-proof. Still, the Bears are too beaten up to pull off the upset. Season: 8-3.

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