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Andrew Shaw sprayed Jonathan Toews with toilet water as part of a prank

Blackhawks forward Andrew Shaw is good at agitating opponents, and it turns out he can get under the skin of his own teammates as well.

Speaking to Blackhawks Magazine, Shaw recalled a prank he pulled on Chicago captain Jonathan Toews:

“Last year, I think in Nashville, he was out to dinner. I went down to the front desk at the hotel. I told them I was Jonathan Toews and I’d locked myself out of my room. Got a key. Ripped open the mini-bar and spread peanuts all over his bed. Cranked the heat as hot as it could go. Maybe 90 degrees. Then I took apart the back of his toilet and moved the hose that fills the back with water so it would point toward him. The minute he flushes the toilet, the hose sprays him all over.”

Toews apparently got his revenge by ordering $300 worth of room service in Shaw’s name.

Teammates aren’t the only victims of Shaw’s pranks. Reporters need to be on the lookout, as well.

Shaw, 24, has one assist in 11 games this season.