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Business Beat: Dish courts cord cutters; Starbucks 'Flat White'; brewer apologizes for Gandhi beer

Dish will offer an Internet-only subscription service that includes ESPN. | AP file photo

Dish unveils Internet-only service that includes ESPN

For would-be cord-cutters, watching sports has been the Holy Grail. Dish Network Corp. on Monday unveiled an Internet-only subscription offering that includes ESPN.

Starbucks’ ‘Flat White’ to debut Tuesday

Starbucks is adding an espresso drink to its menu Tuesday. The ‘Flat White’ is made with two ristretto shots of espresso and steamed whole milk.

Brewery apologizes to those offended by its Gandhi beer

New England Brewing Co. sells an India pale ale it calls Gandhi-Bot. The label features a cartoon image depicting a robot version of the late Indian leader, who favored prohibition.

Heaven on Seven Rush Street abruptly closes

Markets plunge as oil dips below $50

Price of oil plunges as evidence mounts the world will be oversupplied this year

United adding Wi-Fi to its regional jets

Automakers end 2014 strongly, pushing some brands to records

Addus HomeCare buys Cleveland home health care agency

American Airlines, pilots union reach labor deal

US to resume first beef imports from Ireland since mad cow