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Oreo to let you customize packages

Oreo is letting customers color, accessorize and write holiday greetings on packages. | Oreo

Forget about whether it’s best to dunk an Oreo or twist it apart before eating it.

The new question about Oreo cookies is how do you want to color the packages.

Oreo Colorfilled, unveiled Monday by the Mondelez International brand, are packages of original Oreo cookies that customers can color online, add accessories such as scarves or antlers, and spell out a simple holiday greeting like “Joy” and “Ho Ho Ho.”

If a digital paintbrush isn’t your thing, Oreo will send you a color-your-own pack that comes with a black-and-white design of your choice and custom markers.

“Our fans have been interacting and getting creative with Oreo cookies for more than 100 years, so bringing this behavior to our pack was a natural next step,” Janda Lukin, senior director of Oreo, said in a news release.

Each Colorfilled pack is $10, with $5 nationwide shipping for each order. Supplies are limited.