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McDonald’s McRib is back

McDonald's McRib sandwich

McDonald's McRib is making a comeback. | Getty Images

The McDonald’s sandwich with a cult-like following has been spotted at some Chicago restaurants.

The McRib’s return for its 35th anniversary is spreading across the country. Some restaurants don’t expect to have it until next week. Some might not serve it all.

Some industrious fans have created a McRib Locator to help like-minded folks find the boneless pork sandwich. As of 11 a.m., the McRib Locator showed fewer than 20 stores in the Chicago area serving the sandwich.

The Oak Brook-based hamburger chain created a “McRib Finder app” to help customers find the sandwich. It works with iOS and Android. Using the app, customers can “find locations, swap McRib-themed stickers and plan McRib sandwich dates with their friends,” the company said.

“The McRib is truly an iconic sandwich and has been a fan favorite since its debut on the McDonald’s menu 35 years ago,” McDonald’s chef Chad Schafer said in a news release.

“Our customers are passionate and tell us they enjoy the sweetness of the barbecue sauce, which pairs perfectly with the hints of pickles and onions. It’s more than a sandwich, it’s a legend and has become an experience for so many to enjoy at McDonald’s.”

It’s not exactly the original McRib. McDonald’s said the bun no longer contains high-fructose corn syrup.

The McRib makes somewhat regular returns, the last being in December 2016.