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Oberweis picks up endorsement from Rev. Corey Brooks

WASHINGTON — Illinois GOP Senate nominee Jim Oberweis is picking up the endorsement Thursday of an activist South Side minister, the Rev. Corey Brooks Sr. of the New Beginnings Church of Chicago, 6620 S. King Drive.

Last weekend, Oberweis, a state Senator from Sugar Grove, volunteered in Brooks’ Woodlawn community anti-crime program.

In a release from the Oberweis campaign, Brooks said “he believes Democrats like U.S. Senator Dick Durbin have taken the African-American vote for granted and he wants to change that dynamic.

“I do not support Democrats or Republicans automatically,” Brooks said in the statement. “I support the men or women who are more likely to help our community, no matter what label they wear. Jim Oberweis has demonstrated to me he cares about our problems and will work hard on the solutions.”

“…Brooks said he believes Oberweis’ success in the private sector, his focus on jobs and the economy and his emphasis on school choice, all could be helpful to his parishioners if he is elected to the U.S. Senate in November.

Oberweis said in a statement, “Pastor Brooks is a dedicated, courageous community leader who is fighting hard every day to improve the lives of people of Chicago and I’m honored to have his support. I want to help him improve his neighborhood and all neighborhoods in Illinois that have struggled under the political leadership of Dick Durbin and his allies.”

Brooks hit the news in February, 2012 for sitting on the roof of a former motel for more than 90 days until he raised enough money to buy the property near the church at 6625 S. King Drive.