Feds: Fraudster John Thomas slips house arrest for mistress tryst

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Fraudster John Thomas was supposed to be under house arrest under the watchful eye of his long-suffering wife while he awaits trial.

But instead the convicted felon slipped out and tried to arrange a secret tryst with his mistress at his dentist’s office, the feds say.

And when he finally met up with his lover and learned that she was a witness against him, he tried to sway her by promising he’d buy her a house and a car, telling her he “intended to leave his wife for her,” according to court papers filed by prosecutors Wednesday.

But that was just one of countless violations of a federal judge’s orders Thomas has allegedly pulled off in the two weeks since he was charged with stealing $370,000 in tax increment financing from the south suburb of Riverdale.

Banned from doing business deals over $500 by U.S. District Judge James Zagel, Thomas has nonetheless been boasting about a series of recent big bucks real estate deals, prosecutors say.

The tangled web Thomas allegedly wove even included asking his dentist to write him an excuse note covering the time he was meeting with his lover on Monday.

Thomas, 51, is a smooth-talking former federal mole who got a second chance at life and dodged a prison term a decade ago by wearing a wire against disgraced political fundraiser Tony Rezko.

The feds seem to have tired of his antics and are now asking U.S. District Judge James Zagel to revoke his bond and lock him up.

“The government continues to have serious concerns about this defendant posing a financial danger to the community,” assistant U.S. Attorney Sunil Harjani wrote in a court filing.

Trusted in 2012 by the Village of Riverdale as the man who could revamp the troubled Riverdale Marina, he allegedly looted the TIF funds the village gave him access to.

And the Sun-Times reported on Monday that boats and equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars were stolen from the marina on Thomas’s watch.

Zagel placed strict limits on Thomas’s freedom when Thomas was charged with the Riverdale scam last month. In addition to banning him from contacting witnesses, leaving his downtown condo or doing deals, Zagel also ordered Thomas not to talk on the phone or to use the Internet.

Thomas disregarded those instructions by using his “Google TV” to contact associates, and by using his wife’s phone and using his mother’s phone, the feds allege.

And he allegedly used a text message service to contact his mistress, using the alias “Joe Mamma,” they say.

Thomas, who has consistently denied all wrongdoing, is due in court to answer the latest allegations Thursday.

His lawyer, Joe “The Shark” Lopez, said he’ll fight to keep Thomas free on bond. He described Thomas’s alleged bond violations as “not fatal” and said more details about Thomas’s alleged tryst could come out at Thursday’s hearing.

“It got a little hot and heavy,” he said.

Prosecution motion to revoke bond for John Thomas

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