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Mayor Emanuel among world's best-dressed mayors: Vanity Fair

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s popularity may be sagging, but the same cannot be said about his clothes.

Joining the likes of London’s Boris Johnson and Paris’ Anne Hidalgo, Emanuel has been named one of the world’s best-dressed mayors, according to an online Vanity Fair story.

“Municipal government doesn’t often go hand in hand with glamour,” according to the web site. “But around the world, we’ve noted a few talented mayors who are dressing up their city’s highest office.”

Vanity Fair sums up our city leader this way: “With a predilection for luxe fabrics and a salt-and-pepper ’do, Rahm Emanuel combines suave styling with a populist sensibility. Perhaps, no politician wears the navy suit better. His ties are slowly making their way through the blue section of the Pantone color chart.”

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Contributing: Stefano Esposito