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Top cop job nothing but stress

The fact Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy had a heart attack Thursday morning was a shocker.

But it should be no surprise.

The toxic mix of gang crime Chicago style; indiscriminate shootings, a recalcitrant criminal justice system, and finger-pointing at police performance is a deadly brew.

Add a dollop of an acerbic, hyperactive Mayor Rahm Emanuel who wants quick solutions — and it packs a wallop.

McCarthy, who is incredibly calm under fire and works out five days a week, showed no signs of ill health Wednesday at two public events.

“He seemed in terrific shape,” said Ald. Ed Burke (14th), who sat at his table for the SOS Children’s Villages dinner at Millennium Park Wednesday night.

Was street stress the culprit? Who knows?

But here’s a question: Why so much finger-pointing at police?