Mayor Tased by hockey fan for charity — how about it, Rahm?

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Hockey fan Ronda Pearson Tases the mayor of Glendale, Arizona | (KPNX-TV)

It’s become a custom — or a cliche — that mayors on rival sides of a Superbowl, a World Series or a Stanley Cup Final engage in a public and “friendly bet” involving local delicacies.

But Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s safe charity wager over Cuban sandwiches and cheesecake with Tampa Bay Mayor Bob Buckhorn over the outcome of the Blackhawks-Lightning series has been resoundingly upstaged by the mayor of Glendale, Arizona.

Jerry Weiers agreed to be Tased by an angry hockey fan, KPNX-TV reports.

Weiers agreed to be Tased after fans of the Arizona Coyotes — angry that Weiers was behind a move to send their team packing from town — raised $10,000 for charity to get him to participate in the stunt.

Ronda Pearson, a Coyotes fan whose rant against Weiers’ plan at a public meeting last week went viral, pulled the trigger.

It gave her “serious pleasure,” she said, after Glendale City Council voted to end the Coyotes’ arena lease agreement.

Weiers collapsed to the floor after taking the Tase in the tush, then leapt to his feet and hollered “Yeah!”

He said, “The only way to get people interested is to do something a little crazy, right?”

So how about it, Rahm?

As U.S. Sen. Mark Kirk might say, “Don’t Tase me, Bro.”

Glendale Mayor Gerry Weiers celebrates being Tased by a hockey fan | (KNPX TV)

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