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Man invites group to play cards at his home, then fires shotgun at winner of $40 jackpot, prosecutors say

Upset at the result of the game, 33-year-old Kienan Slaughter allegedly shot Derrick Orange at close range.

Kienan Slaughter allegedly pulled out a shogun after losing a card game at his home.
Police; Creative Commons/ant217

A man upset with the result of a $40 card game is accused of turning a shotgun on the winner in front of a group of other players at his Far South Side home.

Kienan Slaughter, 33, was denied bail at his initial hearing Tuesday at the Leighton Criminal Court Building on a first-degree murder charge in the April 27 shooting.

Slaughter organized the game, inviting the group, including 31-year-old Derrick Orange, over to the Morgan Park home he shares with his wife and daughter, prosecutors said.

Orange and another man hit a winning streak during the game, ultimately together collecting the entire $40 pot, prosecutors said. Slaughter, unhappy about his loss, allegedly demanded his money back and argued he didn’t like the way Orange had won.

About 2:30 a.m., Slaughter went to his bedroom and returned with a 12-gauge shotgun that he pointed at Orange and fired once at close range into his chest, prosecutors said. Slaughter then allegedly pointed the shotgun at others in the room and threatened to shoot anyone who called police.

Slaughter took the cell phone of one man and then left the home with the shotgun, eventually fleeing the state, authorities said.

Orange was pronounced dead at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn, according to police. Multiple people identified Slaughter as the shooter, officials said.

Detectives learned last month that Slaughter was being held on local charges at a jail in Jackson County, Michigan and he was extradited back to Cook County.

Prosecutors said Slaughter has twice been convicted of unlawful possession of a weapon by a felon, as well as of possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

An assistant public defender for Slaughter said he was married, has two children and was mostly recently working as a custodian at a church.

Judge Susana Ortiz ordered Slaughter held without bail and set his next court date for Aug. 9.