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Man shot dead in Aurora

The shooting happened in the 2900 block of Worcester Lane, police said.

A man is charged in connection with a carjacking Feb. 14, 2021, in Aurora.
A man was killed in a shooting Jan. 25, 2021, in Aurora.
Aurora police Facebook photo

A man was fatally shot Monday in west suburban Aurora, police said.

Officers responded to a call of two vehicles shooting at each other about noon in the 2900 block of Worcester Lane, Aurora police said.

When officers arrived they spotted one of the vehicles and tried to pull it over but it fled, police said.

Officers followed the vehicle to the parking lot of Copley Hospital, where it came to a stop, police said. A male was found in the back seat of the car with multiple gunshot wounds.

The man was brought to the hospital’s emergency room, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

No arrests have been reported. Aurora police are investigating.