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Columbus Short responds to allegations


As Queen Elizabeth II would have put it — it’s certainly been an “annus horriblis” for Columbus Short.

The actor has been charged with domestic abuse, sued over a brawl in a tavern, lost his high-profile acting job on “Scandal,” and was most recently arrested July 5 for public intoxication in Dallas.

The actor, 31, turned to “Access Hollywood” to tell his side of things — clearly attempting to staunch the PR “bloodletting” that has sidelined his career.

Short call the most recent arrest in Dallas as a big misunderstanding.

“I was with a group of people that were eating,” said Short. “I went to the bathroom. I came back, and there was an altercation ensuing when I came back. And me being [like] ‘Whoa, let’s break it up,’ it’s as a misunderstanding, and I guess copes thought I was someone involved in the situation.

“And then they grabbed me up, and by the time I was on the ground … I apologized to the officers later, [but] I said some pretty choice words [when} I was already in cuffs,” Short told “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush.

The actor went on to also deny claims made by his estranged wife, Tanee McCall — allegations he threatened to stab her. Short insisted that despite the couple’s problems he was “not a physically violent man. I’ve never put my hands on a woman — ever.”

The former “Scandal” star admitted, “I haven’t been perfect, but I have not been all of the things that’s been in the press.”