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‘The Chi’ — one of Showtime’s most streamed series — renewed for fifth season

Cable channel says Lena Waithe’s show averaged 4.2 million weekly viewers.

“The Chi” will be back for season five, according to Showtime.

Showtime’s Chicago-based series “The Chi” will be back for a fifth season.

The cable channel made the announcement Monday in the aftermath of Sunday’s season four finale.

The series, created and executive produced by Chicago native Lena Waithe and executive produced by hip-hop artist Common, will return to Showtime in 2022, Showtime said in a news release.

In season four, “The Chi” averaged 4.2 million weekly viewers and is on pace to become the most-streamed Showtime series ever, the release said.

“It’s confirmed. We comin’ back for another season,” said Waithe in a video statement posted on social media.

Rolando Boyce, who plays Darnell, the father of Emmett (Jacob Latimore), and became a fan favorite along the way for his variety of track suits and earpieces, was elated to hear the series will return.

“I actually found out a few days ago, and I’m really, really happy to what they did with my character for this season,” said Boyce, who says he doesn’t wear an earpiece nor track suits in real life. “I love the fan support. [‘The Chi’] is an ensemble cast, but it does feel good to know that the fans recognize and appreciate what you’re doing. Me being from Chicago, it means a lot to me.”