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Chicago To New Orleans

2:00 p.m. Aug. 2

Sun Ra didn’t say it, but if he were around today he would think it:

Cyberspace is the place.

Since our blog about Dr. John’s (Malcom Rebennack) tender once-in-a-lifetime Chicago concert in honor of New Orleans composer Wardell Quezergue, the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund [NOMRF] received a nice random donation. Thank you.

“I’ve heard Mac play many, many times,” Quezergue said after the show. “And I thought he was brilliant that night. It was one of the best shows I’ve ever heard him play.” Former dBs bass player Jeff Beninato co-founded NOMRF, came to Chicago for the show and sat in with the house band. Wardell is legally blind. Jeff said, “I consider him Mr. Ears because when you lose one of your main senses the other ones sharpen. That’s probably why Wardell is so gifted as an arranger. I was getting chills sitting behind him at the show watching his head bob and sway to the music. The next day we asked if he had a good night and he said, ‘Did I ! I must have been jigging because I slept so good. We’re going to keep him out again for the Katrina Anti-Versary.”

Wardell is back at his home in New Orleans. His friends and neighbors are asking him about his Sunday night in Chicago. He is telling them that Chicago is one town that won’t let you down.