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Sweet: Obama's erectile dysfunction joke. (Could he have meant anything else?) UPDATE

INDEPENDENCE, IA.The power of product advertising is such that everyone here just knew the punchline this Saturday morning without White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama having to say a thing.

Heres the set-up to a communal moment.

At a town hall, Obama slammed the Clintons for running a closed health care reform operation in 1992 and 1993. The did it the wrong way because they went behind closed doors and tried to do it by themselves.

And then he started talking about drugs companies and how A whole bunch of these profits are going into these tv ads where you dont even know what the ads are for.

You dont know what the drugs do, right? There are people running in fields and they are all dancing. Actually, that is not true. There is one drug where you know what it is for.

People burst our laughing and applauded. Everybody got it.

That one drug Obama was joking about: Can it be anything but those heavily advisertised pills for erectile dysfunction?

UPDATE–Obama just used this line again in Waterloo. And got the same instant communal response. A Viagra campaign moment.