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Not to be too incestuous, but...

Here’s my esteemed colleague Roger Ebert responding to my piece on “Juno,” his movie of the year for 2007, in his “Answer Man” column today.

Two more quick links: the Village Voice on Kimya Dawson and a piece on the backlash to the “Juno” backlash from Jim Emerson’s Scanners blog.

Oh, there’s also this blogger, who had a very funny one-line reaction to all the fuss, and this one, a Chicago high school teacher, who not only disagrees with me, but accuses me of shutting down the debate on this blog because I ‘can’t take the heat”!

Um, teach, did you miss the 100 or so emails in the last week (averaging, I’d say, 60 con/40 pro) that I’ve posted here?

And listen, it don’t get much hotter than Roger Ebert accusing you of being out of touch. But we’ve traded a couple of emails this week, and while neither of us has changed the other’s mind, I don’t think that my critical hero is really too mad at me.

I hope.