Not to be too incestuous, but...

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Here’s my esteemed colleague Roger Ebert responding to my piece on “Juno,” his movie of the year for 2007, in his “Answer Man” column today.

Two more quick links: the Village Voice on Kimya Dawson and a piece on the backlash to the “Juno” backlash from Jim Emerson’s Scanners blog.

Oh, there’s also this blogger, who had a very funny one-line reaction to all the fuss, and this one, a Chicago high school teacher, who not only disagrees with me, but accuses me of shutting down the debate on this blog because I ‘can’t take the heat”!

Um, teach, did you miss the 100 or so emails in the last week (averaging, I’d say, 60 con/40 pro) that I’ve posted here?

And listen, it don’t get much hotter than Roger Ebert accusing you of being out of touch. But we’ve traded a couple of emails this week, and while neither of us has changed the other’s mind, I don’t think that my critical hero is really too mad at me.

I hope.

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