Sweet: Obama says if he wins NH, he will be president.

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Barack Obama points out an undecided voter at a rally Friday morning in an airplane hangar in Portsmouth, N.H. to organizer Matt Devine. “We’re coming after you,” he said to the undecided. (photo by Lynn Sweet)


Obama asked for a show of hands of undecides. (photo by Lynn Sweet)

PORTSMOUTH, NH.-“If you give me the same chance Iowa gave me last night,” White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) told a crowd here, his first stop after winning the Iowa caucus, “I truly believe I will be president of the United States.”

Quick thoughts on this Portsmouth event, in a vast and chilly airplane hangar housing a variety of Pan Am planes (yes the legacy airline died years ago; the name was sold to a regional airline)

*Obama was reading from notes in a ringed notebook on the podium where he stood, reflecting the new elements inserted today in his stump speech.

*A key element is his new refrain, “In four days,” a line designed to show the urgency of his mission, with four days until the Jan. 8 primary.

*Developing. Just got word Obama will be stopping at a coffe shop in Dover, the Cafe on the Corner and have to pack up for now.

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