McCain new web video, direct mail hits Obama on Tony Rezko

SHARE McCain new web video, direct mail hits Obama on Tony Rezko

Updated 10:25 p.m. eastern time….The McCain team is hitting Barack Obama on his ties to Tony Rezko in video, direct mail timed to hit mail boxes in targeted areas on Monday and in robo calls….Here’s the link to a McCain-Rezko direct mail piece.

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VO: Tony Rezko.

We’ve been hearing a lot about him lately.

Barack Obama?

He’s been hearing about him and from him for 18 years.

In 1990, Rezko offered Obama a job.

He declined but did legal work on Rezko’s deals anyway.

And they’ve been helping each other ever since.

Obama went to Rezko when he needed money to launch his first state Senate campaign.

And Rezko went to Senator Obama for government contracts.

Obama had Rezko raise money for his failed Congressional bid and then sponsored a bill that increased state subsidies for private developers like Rezko.

Rezko raised more money for Obama for his U.S. Senate campaign and Obama attended a reception for an Iraqi billionaire who engaged in arms deals with the Iraqi regime in the 1980s.

OBAMA: “I have done a good job in rising politically in this environment.”

VO: And when it came time for Obama to purchase his Chicago mansion?

He went to Rezko and they toured the property together.

It was a home and a lot.

Obama and Rezko?

They bought both and closed on the deal the same day.

At the same time, Tony Rezko was soon to be indicted for fraud and influence peddling.

He was convicted.

TV CLIP: A jury found him guilty on 16 of 24 counts including fraud and money laundering.

VO: And what does Obama say of their Kenwood purchase now?

OBAMA: “This is what I’ve referred to as a boneheaded move.”

“I can see sort of a lapse in judgment.”

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