Tony Siragusa, here's to you and all you do

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Tony Siragusa makes me happy. Since he played the lovable, wise-cracking veteran on HBO’s premiere season of the “Hard Knocks” documentary in 2001, it’s always been a pleasure to see “Goose” pop up here and there on my television box.

There was the stint on “Sopranos” where he played bodyguard Frankie Cortese.

Then there was his memorable role as a Russian toughguy in my favorite Spike Lee joint, “25th Hour.”

Now, Siragusa makes a living schlepping fine meat products under the moniker Goose’s Barbecue. His baby back ribs bear the tag line, “The filet mignon of ribs.” I’ve never had them, but if Tony says it, I believe it.

I had reservations about watching the Cowboys-Bucs game today because watching Brad Johnson helm an offense is a practice akin to watching the elderly gum moldy cardboard. Then I saw an ebullient Siragusa giving a pre-game sideline report. “Heck yeah,” I said, audibly, to no one.

If only Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston would throw to him more. You’ve got a diamond roaming the rough sidelines during your broadcast, Fox Sports. I vote you extricate said diamond from the rough — let’s get some shots of Goose housing some BBQ with some fans. I want to see Goose whooping it up with Jessica Simpson, Jerry Jones and sundry ridiculous Dallasians.

We’re nearly half-way through the first quarter of the game and there’s been nary a peep from Goose. This is football — an American game. And no one, in my opinion, better represents the American sporting spirit than Tony “Goose” Siragusa.

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