Obama’s Sunday: Regents gym workout; hoops at U of Chicago Lab school gym; visit to mom-in-law South Shore home Pool reports

SHARE Obama’s Sunday: Regents gym workout; hoops at U of Chicago Lab school gym; visit to mom-in-law South Shore home Pool reports

Monday, President-elect Barack Obama unveils his economic team. On Sunday, he played hoops and worked out.


Pool report 1

At 9 am POTUS elect Obama traveled in a black SUV to the gym at Regents Park

condos 5020-5050 S Lake Shore Drive. Potus elect was not visible to pool.

Weather in Chicago this morning is bright, sunny, and cold.

Jim Kimberly

Chicago Tribune

Pool report 2

At 10:20 POTUS-elect Obama left gym and returned home.

Pool report 3

At 2:45 POTUS-elect Obama went to the university of Chicago Lab School to play


The weather in Chicago remains sunny and bright. It is about 41 degrees.

Pool report 4

For the basketball game, which was not vicinle to the pool, POTUS-elect wore

gray sweatpants with a stripe along the leg, white sneakers, a black jacket and

the weather worn Sox hat.

The University of Chicago Lab School is in Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood. The

school is a stone building with Gothic architecture. It looks very much like a

cathedral. The grounds are surrounded by wrought iron fencing. A team of what

appeard to be secret service agents entered through a different door.

There was a family (asporard to be grandparents, a mother and at least 1 child)

at the playground equipment when the POTUS-elect arrived.

On the street outside the school, another family (two adult men and an adult

woman) had a flat tire on their Toyota sedan. The family seemed startled when

the presidential caravan rolled up. But it turned out to be to their benefit.

Secret service agents assisted with the tire change.

By 4 PM, the sun had dipped below the horizon. POTUS-elect Obama left the gym at

4:20 and went to a home in 7400 block of Euclid Ave.

Pool report 5

POTUS-elect Obama arrived at 4:30 and entered home at 7436 Euclid Avenue in the

Southshore neighborhood.

Neighbor Rev. Robert Woodridge said the well maintained brick bungalow belongs

to Michelle Obama’s aunt.

“This is where she grew up,” Woodridge said.

Woodridge did not live here when Michelle Obama lived here, he said.

Pool report 6

POTUS-elect Obama left the home at 5 PM and returned home.

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