Sweet Cleveland Democratic debate live blog 1. Clinton denies Obama Africa photo leak

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CLEVELAND, OHIOThis is it, the last Democratic primary debate. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton look grim. They are very serious.

They are talking about negative campaigning, who did what.

But the question of whether a Clinton campaigner leaked to the Drudge Report the picture of Obama in local garb during a visit to the Wajir region of Kenya just came up. Its become a sensationalized story. Could Clinton unequivocally say her campaign did not put it out?

Well, so far as I know, it did not. And I certainly know nothing about it and have made clear that that’s notthe kind of behavior that I condone or expect from the people workingin my campaign. But we have no evidence where it came from,” she said.

“So I think that it’s clear what I would do if it were someone in my campaign, as I have in the past: asking people to leave my campaign if they do things that I disagree with.”

Obama said let’s move on.

Well, first of all, I take Senator Clinton at her word that she knew nothing about the photo. So I think that’s something that we can set aside.

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