Moose dishes on the offense again

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Wide receiver Muhsin Muhammad, who agreed to a contract with he Carolina Panthers on Wednesday, visited with Ray Buchanan on Fox Radio on Thursday.

Again, he said he was not a fit in the offense and pointed out the Bears are still trying to figure out what to do on offense.

RAY BUCHANAN: Not too really burn a bridge with the Chicago Bears man, but what was it like not really being able to be yourself? I know the Moose that weve seen back in Carolina, but tell them what it was like actually being there with Chicago.

MUHSIN MUHAMMAD: To answer your question though Ray man, it was tough man and Im never a guy whos going to go out and complain, or do anything like that. Because I really believe in being a team player man, but I thought that maybe I couldve been utilized a little bit better. I really didnt fit into Ron Turners system I dont think as well as he wanted me to, or as well as I wanted to, and then of course we had problems with getting the ball to the playmakers too, and that was a big problem.

“Theyre still trying to figure that out. And Rex [Grossman] is still trying to get on the same page with his players and Kyle Orton too. We went through a quarterback shuffle up there which is also pretty difficult.

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