Scheming and the first silly challenge

SHARE Scheming and the first silly challenge
SHARE Scheming and the first silly challenge

Erik Reichenbach, reacting to last week’s surprise vote that ejected Phoenix firefighter Joel Anderson, just now realizes that people lie on “Survivor.” Wow. And he’s a fan of the show? Wow.

Tracy Hughes-Wolf reached out to Erik to try and get him on Chet and her side. Looks like Ami might be the Favorite turn-coat Tracy and crew need for a majority of the Malakai tribe.

Yeah! It’s the first silly challenge. Both tribes will swim out and collect planks, sticks, etc. Then, collect materials, get them back to mat, then use to form a blockade in tunnel. Then, tribes must race back to tear down the blockade built by rival and get all your tribe through your tunnel.

Playing for two native Micronesians who will tell you how to live on the seemingly uninhabitable island.

Malakai was first back. Airai was right behind them, though. Airai had trouble at first, but won the reward.

Chet is sent to exile island.

James Clement’s leg seems to be really bugging him. Looks like TV Guide was right. The staff doctor tells him he needs to leave the game and seek hospital treatment. Kathleen seems genuinely upset.

“He was like a pillar of strength to see him go,” Sleckman says. “I only knew him for three days, but of what I knew of him I like him.”

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