Obama new radio ad revises its “misleading” line. Hits Clinton for “misleading negative ads.”

SHARE Obama new radio ad revises its “misleading” line. Hits Clinton for “misleading negative ads.”

OAKLAND, CALIF.In a new radio spot, the Obama campaign on Thursday pushed back on the Clinton team foul call over an Obama oil company television ad where Obama said, I dont take money from oil companies.” Since no federal candidate can take money from corporations, the Obama ad was seen as misleading by the independent factcheck.org.

While this rebuttal spot hits Clinton for misleading negative ads there is one telling revision in the new Obama ad; the assertion that Obama does not take money from oil companies is gone. The line now reads that Obama does not take money from oil company political action committees. Federal candidates can take donations from PACs.

The Obama ad now says And he’s the only candidate who doesn’t take a dime from oil company PACs or lobbyists. The only one.”

Yesterday Obama top strategist David Axelrod said this about whether the oil company tv ad was misleading.

I have a different view of that, Axelrod said. He said he was right because Obama does not take money from political action committees. I think it was accurate the way it was, Axelrod said when I asked if he would be revising the oil ad.

FROM THE OBAMA CAMPAIGNNew Obama Radio Ad Sets Record Straight on Clinton Ad Distortions

PHILADELPHIA, PASenator Barack Obamas Presidential campaign today began airing a new radio ad that sets the record straight on Senator Clintons false attack ad and decries a textbook Washington politics that has been long on misleading attacks and short on solutions for working families.

Senator Clintons ad (found HERE) repeats oft-debunked distortions of Senator Obamas record on energy reform. In reality, Obama is that candidate who has to stood up to the oil companies refusing money from their PACs and lobbyists, demanding higher fuel economy standards, and fighting to strip tax breaks for oil giants as they rake in windfall profits.

By contrast Senator Clinton has money from PACs and lobbyists including the energy industry than any other candidate, Democrat or Republican.

As President, Obama will take on the oil companies to finally deliver on the promises of energy reform that politicians have been making for decades.

You can listen to the new ad HERE.


Across Pennsylvania, we’re living the problems.

An economy in shambles. Families struggling. Gas prices close to four dollars a gallon.

What’s Hillary Clinton’s answer?

Misleading negative ads.

Here’s the truth.

While she’s played political games, it’s Barack Obama who’s taken on the oil companies, demanding higher gas mileage standards and a larger investment in alternative energy.

It’s Obama who’s worked to strip tax breaks from the oil giants as they roll up record profits.

And he’s the only candidate who doesn’t take a dime from oil company PACs or lobbyists. The only one.

The Federal Election Commission reports that Clinton’s taken more from Big Oil and other PACs and lobbyists than any other candidate, Democrat or Republican.

The same old Washington politics isn’t going to lift our economy or bring down gas prices.

So if you’ve had your fill of that…

Vote for change we can believe in, Barack Obama for President.


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