Angelo says not all players will not be happy

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Sometimes players will not be happy with their contracts.

Thats what general manager Jerry Angelo said Tuesday.

He didnt need to address Brian Urlacher specifically to get his point across when discussing the teams goal of rewarding its own, including defensive tackle Tommie Harris, returner Devin Hester and kicker Robbie Gould.

“It is what it is, Angelo said. “Players have feelings. Youre not going to have one big happy family, it just doesnt happen that way.

Angelo declined to discuss details of the individual players but the club has been peeved that Urlachers situation has gotten public and ugly as hes turned down a one-year, $18 million extension with $5 million guaranteed.

“I just want you to know the way we do business is going to continue, Angelo said. “We dont negotiate through the media.

“We will stay this course. We want to reward our own players. Thats our goal each and every year. We have a pretty good track record of doing that. We will always be mindful of that. Saying that, there are going to be times when we are not going to be accommodating. Im not going to get into specifics about an individual player.

The Bears are expected to further explore contract possibilities with Hester this week as agent Eugene Parker is expected to come to town.

Check back soon when we explore all issues further, including the draft.

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