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Finally, another Packer makes news

Come out from hiding under your tables, America. Billy Packer’s 27-year reign of terror at CBS is over. But the author isn’t doing any back flips over the replacement, Clark Kellogg. That in-studio show with Kellogg and Seth Davis is usually a nice segue into an afternoon nap.

During the Big Ten Tournament, the author and some buddies developed the Billy Packer Drinking Game, a patent-pending event that focused on imbibing when the color commentator either contradicted himself, said something blatantly inaccurate or said something critical. This all led to very hazy second half recollections of the Michigan State-Wisconsin game.

Maybe the only positive in all of this is that it gives CBS a distinct height advantage in the paint. Kellogg’s 6-7 frame complements the 6-9 Jim Nantz nicely on the low blocks.

Perhaps the moment the author will most remember Packer for was his high-five to Patrick Sparks in the 2005 NCAA Regional Final. Watch closely, that hand you see belongs to Packer.