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Trade deadline passes, but Bears do make a (small) move

The trade deadline passed this afternoon and, as expected, the Bears did not make another move after Friday’s significant trade for defensive end Gaines Adams.

Looks like it has been quiet around the league as a whole.

The Bears do have another move in the works though. Von DuBose, the agent for Ervin Baldwin, informed us this afternoon that his client had been released from the practice squad. The Bears will fill that opening by re-signing center Donovan Raiola for his second stint on the practice squad, according to a source close to the player.

So, there you have it. A practice squad swap out on the day of the trade deadline. I got some inquiries about whether or not the Bears would make additional moves today, but did anyone think general manager Jerry Angelo would trade more draft picks already being down a first and second in 2010? The Adams deal could work out well for the team.

Stay tuned.