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Buck of the Week: Cook County 11-pointer

Scott Lowery earns the first Buck of the Week honors for the 2009-10 season as much for where he bagged his 11-pointer as for the buck itself.

BOTW tops the Illinois Hunting Report in the Sun-Times each Wednesday, beginning usually in late October or early November. I’ll try to have the extended online version posted sometime Tuesday.

Several good entries came in over the past week, so I started it in late October this year.

The initial e-mail was simple:

my name is scott lowery i shot this buck 10/15/09 it has 11 points with a 20 inch inside spread.

Well, that is a mighty fine buck for such a short explanation. So i asked for more and got a surprise:

hey dale i am from oak lawn and i shot the deer on an evening hunt in cook county.

That follow-up earned him first BOTW for the year.

E-mail BOTW nominations to