Open and shut-tered

Here are some recent restaurant/bar openings and closings.


Sunda The new project from Rockit Ranch Productions mastermind Billy Dec and his boys features New Asian treats served up by Food Buddha Rodelio Aglibot. But in Decs world, brand new isnt new enough. So he announced the opening of a new Rockit in Wrigleyville, in the old Tuscany location just across from Wrigley, which will allegedly be open for opening day.

Muqdisho You would think the storefront space on Lincoln, just north of Diversey, would be prime real estate. But after numerous closings here (Parmigian and Calliope Caf the most recent) you wonder if the place is cursed or something. Enter Muqdisho, a new Somali (the name is an alternate spelling of Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia) caf. What can you expect from a place serving food from Somalia? (And what do you call the people? Somalis? Somalians? Somalites?) Well, weve heard Ethiopian dishes with a French influence, whatever that means.

Taste of Brasil Oak Park gets a new casual caf, serving up South American specialties. Are empanadas the new hot dogs? (See below)

Flying Chicken El Pollo Volador flies again! After closing its North Center storefront on Lincoln Avenue last summer, the Flying Chicken packed up its wings and flew north to Montrose, and the new digs are open for business. Fly on, sweet chicken!

Pintxos This weekend-only spot above the popular Caf Iberico serves up Spanish pintxos, which are like tapas, only smaller (if thats possible). The word pintxo actually means spike or thorn, so we imagine there will be some toothpick action involved here just in case you were wondering.


Rockstar Dogs (both locations, we hear) and Harrys Hot Dogs (at the end of the month) Were not sure how to take this. Is it just a result of the glut of hot dog stands that seem to multiply in this town like rabbits, and our collective frankfurter appetite is not as voracious as once thought? Is it a sign that the economys so bad that even hot dog places cant meet the bottom line? I mean really, who cant sell a hot dog to a Chicagoan? Thats like selling Ethiopian food to a Somali-ite (or something like that). Anyway, who wants some empanadas?!?!

Apollo Burger We admit weve never actually been to Bensenville, although we hear its quite nice (even if it does have one less burger joint now).

According to LTHForum, two Sheridan Road spots are shuttered: Ricks Caf, and Japanese spot Katachi, just down the street. We cannot confirm or deny these reports, only tell you that neither place has picked up the phone all day. Updates pending when warranted.

Closed (for now)

Scarlet The Boystown bar is temporarily closed due to a fire in the building.

Check back here every Tuesday with more openings and closings (and snarky comments, of course). And be sure to check out Centerstage Chicago’s list of new restaurants and bars.

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