Notes on ND’s Pro Day

Notes From Notre Dame Sports Information Department on Notre Dame’s Pro Day

NOTRE DAME, Ind. Safety David Bruton was the main attraction for NFL

scouts Thursday as Notre Dame held its annual Pro Day but it was cornerback

Terrail Lambert that probably boosted his stock the most.

Lambert, who was not invited to the NFL Combine last month in Indianapolis,

raised eyebrows among all the scouts as he was timed at 4.37 and 4.36

seconds, respectively, in his two attempts at the 40-yard dash. Those times

would have ranked first and second among all defensive players at the

Combine as safety Chris Clement turned in the fastest time of 4.41 seconds

in Indianapolis. Lamberts time of 4.07 seconds in the 20-yard shuttle

would have tied him with projected first-round picks Vontae Davis and

Malcolm Jenkins for fifth-fastest among cornerbacks at the Combine while

Lamberts 11.24-second clocking in the 60-yard shuttle would have ranked

third among cornerbacks last month.

Bruton turned in stellar performances at the Combine last month and only

participated in position-specific drills.

Among the highlights from other Notre Dame players participating in Pro Day

were fullback Asaph Schwapp and defensive tackle Pat Kuntz in the bench

press. Schwapp benched 225 pounds 33 times while Kuntz recorded 31

repetitions. Only three players (all offensive linemen) at the Combine

recorded a higher total than Schwapp and Kuntz would have tied for eighth

with projected first-rounder Brian Orakpo among defensive players last


Here are notes and quotes collected by Associated Press reporter Tom Coyne

from Notre Dame Pro Day:

– David Grimes didn’t workout because he’s still recovering from back

surgery. Safety David Bruton let his numbers from the combine stand, but did

take part in the position drills.

– 21 teams had scouts at the pro day. No head coaches or general managers

were in attendance.

– Players worked out in groups. Lambert drew an “ooooo” from Notre Dame

players watching the workout when he made a one-handed catch with his left

hand when in one drill he was running with backwards, spun around and

someone from the other direction fired a pass at him.

– Also working out were former Irish tight end Marcus Freeman, St. Francis

defensive back Paul Carter and Valparaiso offensive lineman Ryan Kozy.

Quotes from Pro Day


(can you talk about Terrail Lambert)

“I think similar to Bruton at the combine, he had measurable that went

through the roof. He ran two 40s in the 4.3s. They have a three-cone drill

they do and he nailed that. The 60-yard shuttle, he nailed that. That and he

weighed in at 5-10 and just under 190. So now as their doing workouts he got

everyone’s attention just like David did when he went down to the combine.”

(how much can a day like today help?)

“He got everybody’s attention. Because what happens is all the scouts

share these times. So within a couple of hours all 32 teams will know those

times and that automatically gets everyone’s attention.”

(so overall a good day)

“He helped himself today.”

(David continue to be on the radar)

“He’s out there working out now and he’s having a nice workout. When you

nail the combine like he did, you don’t do the measurable again. So today

for him, he’s been supportive of all his teammates and now he’s just going

through the position specific stuff.”

(You mentioned Kuntz and Asaph, they had a pretty good day?)

“When you’re an interior defensive lineman or a fullback, the thing

they’re looking for is how strong you are. Asaph put up 33 on the bench and

Kuntz put up 31 on the bench. To be honest with you, that’s almost a magical

number when you get that number in the bench in the 30s. It automatically

gets everyone’s attention.”

(maybe numbers this year aren’t the same as the last couple of years, do

you think maybe a couple guys are moving up a lot in terms of draft picks)

“I’ll use an example. Besides Lambert, who we just talked about, a guy

like Asaph, Asaph is a guy who maybe marginal for some teams, but any team

who is looking for a blocking fullback _ you have to be looking for a

blocking fullback _ but any team looking for a blocking fullback can get

somebody like Asaph. Because instead of having a veteran for $800,000 or

$900,000, you can get a guy for a third of the money to do the exact same

thing. So anytime you see a guy 250 go ahead and throw 33 on the bench, it

gets everyone’s attention.”

(how is Maurice Crum doing?)

“He’s out there in this workout too. He must have got their attention

because after he ran two 40s they asked him to run a third one.”

(Is that a good sign?)

“It’s not a bad one. It means they had inconsistent numbers. So it means

they wanted an extra look.”

(How about Justin Brown)

“He actually ran under 5 in the 40s and weighed in in the high 260s. So

he’s going to have to go to a team that fits what he does, that’s a 4-3 type

of team that’s not looking for those 280-pound defensive ends. It will be

enough to have him in a camp somewhere where he’ll have a chance.”

(Mike Turkovich?)

“Turkovich didn’t run real fast but he weighed in at 316 pounds. What

happens with offensive linemen, especially second-day offensive linemen,

everyone’s there looking. Because you can’t find enough big guys out there,

they want to get a good look at them. Forties aren’t usually what these big

offensive linemen make their money on. It’s how they do in the drill work.”

(How many do you think will be drafted)

“I don’t know how many of them will get drafted. I do know there are guys

like Bruton who days like today help some guys a lot more than others. Like

Asaph Schwapp won’t be able to show people what he can do in a day in

shorts. Because days in shorts don’t help him. The best thing he could do

besides running the 40 in a manageable time, which he did, the most

important thing he could do is show everyone how strong he is. That’s the

type of thing he did.”

(probably not a lot of first guys here)

“I’d say one. Because the first day now is the first and second round.

It’s not three rounds anymore. David just kind of put himself where a lot of

people had him in the mid-rounds. I think now you’re talking about a guy who

could get into the bottom of the second round. I don’t know that, but I’m

saying he could get into the bottom of the second round because the arrow

with everybody with him is pointing up.”

(I’m guessing this will be you’re worst draft here)

“This will be the last class that will have this low a volume. I’m not

going to say it’s worse because I’m rooting for them. When they talk to me

about the kids for next years, they asked me about roughly 15 different

guys. Even back up guys here were people they were asking about. They didn’t

ask that going into this year.”


“I ran around a little bit, felt pretty good. My muscles were loose. I

just tried to make an impression on these coaches that were out here for pro


(how much do you think you helped your status)

“I think I improved it a considerable amount. Pretty much everyone I

talked to said good job. They liked what they had seen. It’s a good

situation, I think.”

(On his 4.3 times)

“I was hoping to get a 4.2, but I kind of slipped at the start. But I’ll

take a 4.3. It’s cool.”

(faster than times at the combine)

“That’s new information for me, so thank you.”

(what do you think is your biggest selling point for the NFL)

“The fact that I can run with pretty much anybody. Aside from speed, just

overall toughness. I feel like I play a little bigger than your average

little corner. I know some may see me as undersized, but I think I play

bigger than that. So those two points, I sold myself.”

(what are you expecting on draft day)

“I’m just saying wherever I end up, God put me there for a reason. I’m

willing to accept that and just go from there. I don’t mind going through

the back door to the NFL as long as I get there. And once I get there, I

plan on staying there.”

“Whoever wants to take me. Home is home.”


(good day)

“Yes, very good day. I kind of wanted to go out there and run some 40s

with the guys and do some drills.”

(didn’t want to do it to mess up your times at Indy?)

“I don’t feel like I would have messed it up, but coach Weis advised me

not to do anything. I’m going to let my combine numbers stand. Because even

if I a better 40 out this time it would still be considered the second

fastest at the combine.”

(what did you think when you say Terrail’s time, did you want to run)

“I wanted to. I said Terrail, ‘Me and you should race. We’re going to

finish this right now. Maybe week him and me will race.”

(how happy were you for Terrail)

“To see my old teammate and see him do well out here and have somebody to

fool around with while I’m doing drills is great.”

(what are you hearing about your draft status)

“I’m hearing my stock’s on the rise. Wherever I fall would depend on what

team’s need and what they’re looking for and how they evaluate me on the

film and pro day and at the combine.”

(hoping first day)

“I’m hoping first day. If I don’t go first day it’s not the end of the

world. But it would be great to go first day and see my name announced that

very first day and my whole family just going nuts with me.”

Bruton said his time in the 40 at the combine was 4.46

(what is your biggest asset)

“Smart player. I communicate well. I make calls. Basically I’m always on

top of my game when it comes to that. And my range. Being able over the top

of corners in case they want to jump up.”


“I got robbed (on the 31 bench presses)

(how’d you get robbed)

“I shorted a few of them in the beginning, four, so they ended up

counting 31. So do the math, it’s around 35.”

(how do you feel about how you did today)

“I thought it went pretty well. I could have done a little bit better in

the 40, but I’m not too upset about it. I thought my shuttles and everything

like that was good. I thought position drills went real well.”

(how much do you think you improved your draft status)

“I think I did a lot. Before this, I felt like I was under the radar a

little bit. I think after my performance today I’m going to be back on

people’s standings and I think they might recognize they might have

forgotten about me a little bit.”

(any idea on where you expect to go)

“I think it’s more like a late-round pick or a free agent. Where just

going to see how the draft goes. But I’m pretty positive and pretty

optimistic in thinking I’m going to be picked up late.”

(what do you think is your biggest selling point)

“The way I play. I think a lot of people try to focus too much on the

combine and stuff like that and they forget about the game film. I think

once people watch that and see how I go every second, they’re going to like

what they see.”


(what were you happiest with)

“Just how I felt. I felt I was under control. Not wild in what I was

doing. My body felt good going through the drills and I was moving well.”

(how’d you feel about your 40 and bench press)

“I felt I could have done better.”

Crum up to 235. Weighed 225 at the end of the season.

(what are you expecting on draft day)

“I’m just hoping for a phone call. I feel like I’m a draftable player.”

(what do you think are your biggest assets)

“I think I make the players around me because I’m a smart player. I’m an

extension of the coaches on the field. I don’t know if you can find a better

team player than me. I’ll do whatever I have to do for the sake of the team.

I don’t know how many guys like that there are out there.”

(so you’re ready to play special teams if necessary)

“I’m ready to sell popcorn. Whatever the teams needs me to do.

Among the Notre Dame players there watching: Armando Allen, Jimmy

Clausen, Michael Floyd, Kyle McCarthy, Nate Montana, Sam Young, John

Goodman, Ethan Johnson, Kapron Lewis-Moore, Sergio Brown, Kerry Neal, Darius

Fleming, Harrison Smith, Trevor Robinson, Brandon Walker

Player Performance Lists

Justin Brown

40-Yard Dash 4.84, 4.82

Pro Agility 4.51

3-Cone Drill 7.57

60-Yard Shuttle Did not attempt

Vertical 33 inches

Broad Jump 9-3

Bench Press 23

David Bruton

Only participated in position drills

Maurice Crum Jr.

40-Yard Dash 4.87, 4.87

Pro Agility 4.64

3-Cone Drill 7.37

60-Yard Shuttle 12.08

Vertical 28 1Z2 inches

Broad Jump 8-9

Bench Press 18

David Grimes

Still recovering from back surgery

Pat Kuntz

40-Yard Dash 5.07, 5.05

Pro Agility 4.37

3-Cone Drill 7.37

60-Yard Shuttle Did not attempt

Vertical 32 inches

Broad Jump 8-7.5

Bench Press 31

Terrail Lambert

40-Yard Dash 4.37, 4.36

Pro Agility 4.07

3-Cone Drill 6.85

60-Yard Shuttle 11.24

Vertical 35.5 inches

Broad Jump 10-4

Bench Press 15

Asaph Schwapp

40-Yard Dash 5.07, 5.10

Pro Agility 4.48

3-Cone Drill 7.61

60-Yard Shuttle Did not attempt

Vertical 30.5 inches

Broad Jump 9-3

Bench Press 33

Mike Turkovich

40-Yard Dash 5.59, 5.51

Pro Agility Did not attempt

3-Cone Drill Did not attempt

60-Yard Shuttle Did not attempt

Vertical 28.5 inches

Broad Jump 8-8.5

Bench Press 23

Marcus Freeman

40-Yard Dash 4.79, 4.75

Pro Agility 4.27

3-Cone Drill 7.14

60-Yard Shuttle 12.20

Vertical 32.5 inches

Broad Jump 9-7

Bench Press 22

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