Greivis Vasquez trashes Memphis, Memphis trashes Vasquez and Maryland

SHARE Greivis Vasquez trashes Memphis, Memphis trashes Vasquez and Maryland
SHARE Greivis Vasquez trashes Memphis, Memphis trashes Vasquez and Maryland

Maryland’s Greivis Vasquez had some strong opinions before his Terrapins squared off against Memphis in this afternoon’s second-round game. In short, it seems the highly skilled and highly opinionated guard did not think so highly of Memphis and their Conference USA dominance.

If [Memphis] played in the ACC Conference, they’d have a losing record in the league, Vasquez said. They’d probably win all of their games outside the league and have a losing record in the league. The ACC is too tough.

Not stopping there, he added this:

Memphis needs some competition, Vasquez said. It’s going to be a fight. I don’t care who guards me. I’m going to go at him and at the whole team. I’m such a competitor. I don’t care who’s in front of me. I’m going to compete.

Things, however, did not go as Vasquez planned.

The so-called untested Memphis team roared past Maryland 89-70 in a game that was at no time close.

After the game, Vasquez’s comments had a somewhat different tenor, but wasn’t prepared to admit regret over his boisterous claims.

Unbelievable, Vasquez said. We were playing great defense all year, and today our defense wasn’t there.He also said he didn’t regret making that comment about Conference USA.They proved me wrong. That’s what the sport is about, he said.

Personally, I hate it when athletes so readily provide bulletin board material, especially if I’m pulling for that particular team. It seems to be an immediate kiss of death and makes my stomach turn as mightily as it motivates the trash-talker’s opponent.

What do you think? Do you get nervous when your guys stick their chins out there to be smacked or do you think it fires their own team up just as much? Were you happy to see Vasquez get his comeuppance?

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