How gay could ‘Desperate Housewives’ get?

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File this one under plot lines we’d like to see.

On last week’s episode of Starz’s improvisational comedy “Head Case,” “Deserate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry, Kevin Rahm and James Denton all appeared as themselves.

The joke: Cherry wants Mike Delfino (Denton) to have an affair with Lee McDermott (Rahm) on the show, but Denton doesn’t agree.

“Head Case” therapist Elizabeth Goode (Alexandra Wentworth) is, of course, on hand to help Denton overcome his resistance. has a pretty good recap of the episode along with a few clips from the show.

Though it’s all done for laughs, it wouldn’t be the first time the series has flirted with same-sex issues. Rahm plays one half of a stable, gay couple on the show’s Wisteria Lane and a recent episode even had series regular Teri Hatcher (Susan Mayer) exchange a same-sex kiss with guest star Swoosie Kurtz.

With the show currently No. 7 in the ratings, it’s doubtful Cherry and crew will be desperate enough anytime soon to try such a plotline on the real show.

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