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Justin Bieber gets foul ball at White Sox-Royals game

Pop sensation Justin Bieber was on hand for the White Sox game Monday night, where he threw out the first pitch to Mark Buehrle as young girls went crazy and adult males tried to figure out who he is.

Then, in the third inning, it got really weird.

Sox first baseman Paul Konerko fouled a ball off into Bieber’s suite, which the singer was able to corral on the bounce.

This is something that actually happened.

He then gave the ball to a fan and went about his business, which is apparently living a charmed life.

Seriously, the 16-year-old just became the youngest male solo artist to top the Billboard album charts since Stevie Wonder. Then, a rogue appearance at a baseball game nets a foul ball — something a lifelong fan might never get to experience.