New York City residents: Derek Jeter just as great as Babe Ruth

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The New York Yankees have a rich history unmatched by any professional sports team. But some New York City residents might not fully appreciate team legends of yesteryear, if the results of a poll conducted by Quinnipiac University are any indication.

Researchers asked 1,528 people which Yankee is the greatest of all time.

Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter tied for the top spot, each getting 23 percent of the votes. Joe DiMaggio (9 percent), Lou Gehrig (8 percent) and Mickey Mantle (3 percent) were the next three players mentioned by those polled.

It might be jarring that the current Yankee captain preformed so well compared to the players usually placed on the franchise’s mythical Mount Rushmore.

The main reason Jeter finished tied with the Great Bambino? His popularity with women and the younger generation.

Woman picked Jeter over Ruth, 30 to 16 percent, while men picked Ruth over Jeter, 29 to 18 percent. Ruth was selected by every age group except the 18 to 34 set, who aligned with Jeter.

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