Ramble with Storm: Bears, fireflies,fall patterns

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Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family’s mixed Lab.

It’s one of those falls where I am going to have to check the game schedule for the Chicago Bears when I am planning hunting and fishing trips.

A true fall morning. I was out at exact dawn. The town was alive on an utterly calm morning with the cooing of mourning doves on all sides.

Wow, that was something yesterday.

It reminded me that Steve Statland, one of the founders of the Chicago Muskie Show, called last week about, of all things, fireflies or rather the lack of them this summer.

He’s right. There has hardly been any. Not sure if it was the drought or what.

Canada geese flew into left field at the town ball field as the meathead and I passed. I am not sure why the geese prefer left field, other than maybe it is more in the open than right field.

And Statland and I drifted into Bears talk, Statland is a big football fan. He was thinking if the Bears were good enough, they could get a first-round bye and not impact his show.

With the Bears looking promising yesterday and the Green Bay Packers getting beat, despite help from the replacement refs, that first-round bye looks more plausible.

But I just looked at the schedule and a first-round bye would be the first weekend in January, not the second.

It was cool enough this morning that wisps of fog lifted off the town pond. Back home I checked the thermometer on the back of the garage and it was 49 degrees, colder than it felt on a calm morning.

Fall arrives, signals on all sides, even a note from Bill Lanham yesterday on fall patterns at the Mazonia lakes.

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