Aaron Rodgers explains challenge of Bears defense

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The Green Bay Packers have been successful against the Bears with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.

Rodgers has a 6-2 record against the Bears, including a sweep last season. But, his numbers aren’t as great, relative to his performance against other clubs in the division or beyond. That doesn’t include his performance in the NFC title game at the end of the 2010 season.

So what gives?

“I think there’s definitely some disguises. It’s a system where you have some really smart, reactive type players who can make quick reactions based on their instincts and what they’re seeing and feeling,” Rodgers said Tuesday in a conference call. “It’s a defense that’s always been effective when you have guys like [Lance] Briggs and [Brian] Urlacher who’ve been effective there, but also a solid nickel guy who can play in the slot in sub personnel and do a good job of reading run and pass and making plays on the ball. I think D.J. Moore has more than proved he can do that.”

Rodgers’ rating against the Detroit Lions and Minnesota Vikings is over 115. Against the Bears, it’s 102.9.

“They’re going to run their stuff, we’re going to run our stuff and whoever executes better is probably going to come out on top. They’ve got a great defense, do a good job of stripping the ball, making plays, creating turnovers and forcing you into long-yardage situations,” Rodgers said. “We like to do what we do best on offense – make some plays in the passing game, run the ball as effectively as we can.”

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