Ramble with Storm: NFL, red lights, soccer & fishermen

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Mulling things on my morning ramble

with Storm, the family’s mixed Lab.

Sometimes, the ramble is long enough–I am in my fall mode of stretching it out to two miles–that my mind goes beyond mulling and into wandering.

This morning to sports & fishermen, and who goes with which; probably inspired by the bizarre finish to the Packers and Seahawks game last night.


Muskie fishermen/NFL

Bass fishermen/NASCAR

Carp fishermen (Euro-style)/soccer

On a cloudy morning, 20 degrees warmer than yesterday, the dawn came as I passed the ball field with a sudden reddish light. It lifted the darkness as if I had poked my head into a dark room.


Bluegill fishermen/baseball

Carp fishermen (doughball-style)/16-inch softball

White bass fishermen/ice hockey

Pike fishermen/horse racing

The cornfield far out on the corner of the extended version of my ramble was harvested some time over the last few days since I did my last extended ramble. Storm surged savagely to explore the open space. A lone dove few from the edge of the downed corn and the overgrown grass.


Catfish fishermen/baseball or NBA?

Fly fishermen/tennis or lacrosse?

Crappie fishermen/baseball or ice hockey

Flathead fishermen/horse racing or baseball?

Shark fishermen/rugby or ultimate fighting?

Again, a morning remarkably free of wildlife. By the town pond, one dove flitted between trees. I heard a belted kingfisher I couldn’t see. And one black squirrel hopped away. In town, no wildlife moved.

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