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Blackhawk Patrick Sharp talks skinny jeans and personal brands

As a schmoozer and boozer of the first order, Mindie Kaplan often bumps into the rich and the famous around town, coincidentally with a tape recorder in hand.

Earlier this week, Mindie ran into Blackhawks forward Patrick Sharp as he was hosting an event to celebrate the addition of a second floor to the Ermenegildo Zegna on the Mag Mile. Sharp was joined at the event by several teammates, including Michael Kostka and Brandon Bollig.

What’s been the best career advice you’ve received?

I think it came from my parents when I was a little kid, they always told me just to believe and kept reiterating that word. I was never the biggest or strongest or fastest player and nobody ever thought I’d be able to make it to this level. I just believed in myself and believed that one day I would get there.

Let’s talk branding. You’re a hockey guy at a fashion show. Can hockey players wear skinny jeans without damaging their brand?

I don’t mind skinny jeans, but if you’re talking hockey players in skinny jeans, it’s probably not a good look. Hockey players have those big butts and big thighs and quads and all that, so, it’s not the best look, but, I’ve seen guys and girls pull off the skinny jeans look just fine.

And, you personally?

I’m going to pass on the skinny jeans, maybe a tight slimmer fit, but, not skinny jeans.

If your style were a cocktail, what would it be?

I would think it would just be like a good old American Budweiser — nothing too flashy.

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ABOVE: Patrick Sharp on the ice at the United Center on October 12. Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images