The Evening Rush for Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2013

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Mayor Rahm Emanuel | Sun-Times library

Budget Crunch, 2014 edition

Mayor Rahm Emanuel presented his 2014 budget to the City Council and, as promised, there were no new taxes. There were, however, plenty of hikes on parking violations as well as increased taxes on cigarettes and cable television (Hulu’s the way to go, anyway). Perhaps the biggest story, though, was the dire warning from Rahm to state lawmakers about the state’s impending pension crisis. Calling on the legislature to work with him toward a solution, Rahm said, “Make no mistake, we need pension reform, and Chicago is willing to do its part. But that solution must couple revenue with reform. It must not offer one without the other.” No one is holding their breath for that to happen, sadly. Rahm also took time to speak with the Sun-Times editorial board, the full results of which will be posted later this evening at [2014 budget story, Pension crisis, Chart: deficit vs pension]


“No, Angela… I swear that wasn’t me on the other phone… No, you couldn’t hear me breathing, that’s ridiculous… Look… Let me be clear: We’re doing it to EVERYBODY!” [WaPo]

Pay up, cyclists

If Ald. Dowell has her way, the city’s cyclists would have to shell out $25 a year for a license and attend an hourlong safety course. [Sun-Times]

Bad diagnosis

Kathleen Sebelius is under fire for the bumbling, stumbling, glitch-filled ACA web rollout. [N.Y. Times]

Case rested

The prosecution has rested its case in the 2010 beating of two women in Bucktown. [Sun-Times]

Weird Twitter

It’s not that this guy was anonymous on Twitter, it’s that he worked in the White House and thought he could get away with it. [Gawker]


It’s shocking to hear that Cook County Assessor Joe Berrios’ name would come up in a discussion of questionable activity. SHOCKING, I say. [Sun-Times]

Not a repeat

O’Hare and Midway are the worst — THE WORST — in on-time departures. Also, the sky is blue and water is wet. [Crain’s]

Free again

Chief Keef was released from jail 11 days early, freeing him to once again Instagram photos of himself with weed. [Sun-Times]

Harper High Lights

An extension of last year’s stellar “This American Life” episode about the school (part one, part two, WBEZ looks at Harper High’s football team. [WBEZ]


A fascinating look at Chicago circa 1961. [Sun-Times]

Wealthy ball

Surprisingly, the Cubs and Sox are still worth something despite their recent suckitude. [Sun-Times]

The Bright One

Worried about Cutler after his injury? Don’t be; he loves his backup, says Sneed. [Sun-Times]


Sudoku; Weather; Traffic; CTA; Metra; Flight delays

And finally

A fun scare for Halloween: 13 real places people used to think were entrances to Hell. [io9]

The Latest
The 2021 second-round draft pick looked like an afterthought when he was demoted to second-team right tackle in the offseason and missed nine days of training camp. But since returning, he has earned an opportunity to fill a big hole in the Bears’ offensive line.
It was her second time playing the ballpark, though a far cry from the vibe of 2017’s Joanne World Tour performance.
“My husband truly saved my life when he pulled me out of the water,” said Lana Batochir, 34, who was injured when a boat backed into a raft Saturday afternoon.
The woman allegedly struck the man with a 3-foot-long metal stake and then pushed him under a moving box truck on the Edens Expressway at Wilson. She then continued beating him, prosecutors said.
Sociopaths are never at a loss to explain their bad behavior. The mystery is why some people believe them.