D-Rose comes back, Jesse Jr. goes away, and the rest of the morning's news

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1 D-Rose returns

Tonight’s the night. Derrick Rose completes his comeback in the Bulls’ season opener against the reigning champion Heat, in Miami. The Sun-Times’ Rick Morrissey thinks it’s the biggest Chicago sports return since Michael Jordan gave up baseball in 1995. [Sun-Times]

2 Danger, danger

Another drop in the city’s bond rating would cost $1 million for every $100 million in borrowed funds, Chief Financial Office Lois Scott told aldermen. Her dire warning came as discussions on Mayor Emanuel’s budget proposal kicked off at city hall yesterday. [Sun-Times]

3 Jesse Jr. goes to jail

Jesse Jackson Jr. reported to a federal prison in North Carolina yesterday. He’ll reside there for two-and-a-half years, serving alongside hedge-fund ponzi-scheme mastermind Bernie Madoff and disgraced Chicago police commander Jon Burge. [Sun-Times]

4 Boozy apples

Meet the latest entrant in Chicago’s craft liquor explosion: Rhine Hall, which will soon start making apple brandy out of its West-Loop distillery. The family-run business is using an ancestral recipe and hoping that young hipsters embrace brandy the way they’ve learned to guzzle whiskey. [Grid]

5 Another downtown HQ

Gogo, which makes in-flight wifi networks, is moving its headquarters to the West Loop, from Itasca. It’s one of the largest reverse corporate migrations in recent history, bringing more than 500 workers downtown. Like others, the company wants to be where it can attract local workers. [Crain’s]

6 Dialing for Ventra

The CTA is paying a contractor $245,000 to make quality-assurance calls in the wake of the Ventra fiasco. The agency had to hire the firm because the phones at Cubic, the company providing Ventra service, got swamped by inbound calls from confused and irate Chicagoans. [Sun-Times]

7 What not to wear

It’s Halloween this week, and that means awkward office costumes. How does one know which provocative disguise is acceptable in the twerking era? Grid’s Amos Ornstein is full of advice on the matter. [Grid]

8 50 shades of confusion

Chicago theater actor Luke Grimes has been inundated with suggestive messages from women mistaking him for the Hollywood star of the same name, who was recently tapped to play the lead in the forthcoming blockbuster “50 Shades of Grey.” Chicago’s Grimes isn’t in a position to help these weird, probably desperate, certainly sad women, because he’s gay. [DNAInfo]

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