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Bill Nighy would use time travel to catch great concerts

Bill Nighy in “About Time”

BEVERLY HILLS, CALIF. – British actor Bill Nighy stars in “About Time,” filmmaker Richard Curtis’ poignant fantasy dramedy about the ability to travel through time.

During a recent chat, earlier this week, I asked Nighy about the kinds of things he would do — if time travel WAS possible.

“There were lots and lots of things I would do over, but I think I’d go back to my younger self and learn how to lighten up, and not worry so much,” said Nighy. “I was a big worrier when I was younger. I was terribly anxious when I was young.

“Also, I would never smoke a cigarette, obviously. Plus, I would use it like a living jukebox, and see concerts I missed when I was younger. I’d go see James Brown and his Famous Flames at the Apollo Theatre in 1962. I’d go see Prince a couple of times. I’d see B.B. King and more of Bob Dylan.

“That would be pretty cool.”