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Bart Simpson's Butterfinger van headed to Springfield (Illinois) and Chicago

Who stole Bart Simpson’s beloved Butterfinger bar?

Bart has narrowed it down to 12 suspects from his hometown of Springfield. In a sweet publicity ploy for the candy bar and Fox’s long-running animated comedy “The Simpsons,” a nationwide search for the culprit is being held this month. That’s when a Butterfinger-wrapped vehicle will visit nine U.S. cities, including Chicago on Aug. 9 and Springfield, Ill., Aug. 11.

The first person to arrive on the scene when the vehicle arrives will get one of the T-shirts featuring designs of each of “The Simpsons” suspects. “Brand ambassadors” will be on hand with coupons for free limited edition Bart Simpson Butterfinger candy bars (while supplies last).

Check out for specific locations of where the Butterfinger van will be in each of the nine cities. The Facebook site also lets fans play a “Who laid a finger on Bart’s Butterfinger?” instant-win game and enter a sweepstakes promotion through Nov. 10.