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Teresa Giudice's fraud indictment adds turmoil to world of N.J. 'Housewives'

As they face federal fraud indictments, reality star Teresa Giudice and her husband, Joe, obviously face extremely serious issues — including the prospect of spending years in prison. However sources close to the production of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” are gossiping about the popular reality series’ future — or if, in fact, it has one.

The show’s ratings are good, but as the New York Daily News reported, new Bravo boss Bonnie Hammer is no fan of RHONJ (which my own sources confirm). An Clearly, Giudice will continue to film the current season, but due to legal issues — there can be no mention of the Giudices’ legal battle with the feds.

That said, key show staffers reflect differing views on the often-raucous show’s prognosis.

†”I sincerely can’t imagine the show without Teresa,” said a RHONJ insider. “She was the reason most people want to watch. … She’s so outrageous and raw. I don’t think she’s easily replaced.”

†That take conflicts with another “Housewives” source. “Yes, Teresa has been key, but there are plenty of other obnoxious, tacky, flashy and rich New Jersey women. … I think the show could go in an entire new direction, but maintain that hot-tempered vibe that the show always has had,” added the source, speculating on the possibility that the Giudices’ legal problems could force them off the show.